ABC to GCP — test your business idea for free

Like many of you, who are here with me, know that I work with multi-cloud. Recently my interest gained Google Cloud Platform. Firstly, because people there, they know what they do and they do it really good. That’s why we all use YouTube, Gmail or Spotify without any dramatic failures. I thought then that it would be a perfect topic to tell you why it’s worth to put your hands on GCP console and do it for free.

The journey starts as always in the console, where all the goodies are collected. By goodies, I mean all the cloud services, tools and components (that are over 170 positions) that can be freely used to expand or design your own infrastructure from scratch. Below you can find a useful Developer’s Cheat Sheet prepared by Google Developer Relations Team.,

By having such a great range of choice of services you can fully use the potential of cloud computing while ensuring relatively low costs of maintaining the environment and optimizing its operation. To prove that Google engineers do their job good you can also check the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, where they are one of the leaders.

There’s plenty of advantages from implementation of GCP services. Like earlier mentioned cost optimization, which allows you to pay for only what you actually have used. Scalability is the next benefit that comes hand in hand with financial issues. When there’s a need to increase your space disk — you simply do that. Then we have the flexibility of solutions. Not only in financial terms, which allows you to pay for consumption in seconds but also in business terms. By providing specially designed solutions, it allows you to focus on business development, instead of focusing on such elements as disk space limits, maintaining physical infrastructure, overloading during increased traffic or lack of scalability.

Next will be security. I thought I will give it a separate paragraph. Why? Because Google mastered something that is called security culture. They have developed the number of control procedures (including encryption, advanced authorization, access control, etc.) in their services, but also in the but also in terms of the operation of security teams, securing their data centres or the procedure of hiring employees. And the last one which I think is most important is high availability. Google Cloud Platform ensures the stability of its solutions at a very high level ~99,999%, which means that the designed application or infrastructure can be available 24/7, regardless of the number of users or the amount of data processed if the architecture is designed and built in accordance with good practices in the field of high availability.

And now we can focus on practical use of GCP. GCP Free Tier is one of the best things to use when you got the idea for a business and want to make sure that GCP is the best choice(I mean any cloud is always the best choice). When you go through all the formalities related to creating an account (remember that you have to fulfil the conditions, which you can find at this link), you can go ahead and start your adventure with Google Cloud.

Let’s focus on the options we have to choose from. After setting up an account, we get 300 USD to use for GCP services from Google, which are usually paid. Additionally, there is the Always Free package, which gives you the opportunity to use free services (within certain limits) for a period of 12 months. You also meet to remember that free GCP credits apply to all cloud resources, with a few exceptions:

  • inability to run 8 cores or virtual CPUs at the same time,
  • no possibility to increase computing power,
  • inability to add GPU to virtual machine instance.

The next, important thing is the way you check how much you have left to use for GCP or how to estimate how much you will pay for a specific service or tool. Each of the GCP services has a pricing model according to which a consumption fee is charged. The exact cost can be estimated using a specially prepared calculator.

The last one to remember is your trial period will expire. The trial version expires after 12 months (from the date of creating the account) or when the credit limit is used. After the trial period, Google only stores your data for 30 days. In addition, there is always the option of upgrading your account or closing it.

One more tip for those of you who have just started the journey with the cloud as a practitioner. It’s good to support your actions with proper courses or tutorials. Google also took care of it and created a series of QuickStarts short tutorials, a series of Cloud Minute video or a repository with code samples in several programming languages. In addition — thanks to the Google Cloud Training you can choose the path and direction in which you want to develop. And thus — gain skills and competencies desired in the labour market and confirmed by certificates.

And the last one for those, who are looking for the partner to test their business idea. It’s good to find a certified partner, who has a team of experienced cloud experts, that will prepare the best possible solution for your idea. To sum up, if you have an idea and want to test it in practice using GCP find a GCP Sell Service Partner (like my team), who have the necessary knowledge and experience to lift your business up to the clouds!!

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